President - Alice Granger (John Jay East Fishkill)  Email:  ATGranger@aol.com

Vice President - Chrissy Stanionis (Harrison) Email: Stanionisc@harrisoncsd.org

Secretary - Kailyn Riefenhauser (Mahopac) Email: cheerkay2831@aol.com

Treasurer - Nicole Selvaggi-Landry (Hendrick Hudson) Email: coachnolly.sailorscheer@gmail.com

Webmaster- Alisa Pacheco (Ketcham) Email: alisadpacheco@gmail.com

WPDRCCA membership will change this year to a school membership

Cost is $150 per school

Membership Registration Click Here

Benefits of becoming a member:

  • Emails sent to all coaches concerning competition info, association information, updates and membership information

  • Varsity team eligible for scrimmage on 10/18/17

  • Varsity athletes eligible for Fall All Section/Liberty Team tryouts on 10/18/17

  • Varsity athletes eligible for high score scholarship for Fall and Winter All Section team

  • Member coaches eligible to receive Coach's Awards voted on by members

  • 1 Varsity athlete that is a senior eligible for WPDRCCA Scholarship

  • Teams invited to attend the end of year awards dinner

  • 1 coach attends the end of year dinner FREE


Invoices will be available to submit to ADs and/or booster clubs. Email: WPDRCCA Section 1 - section1cheer@gmail.com

Additional Committees

  • Liberty Team 

  • Scholarship

  • Fundraising 

  • Banquet 

Please email section1cheer@gmail.com if you are interested in any of these committees

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